Our Team

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Kyle Paul Van Dyke RA, AIA

Kyle Van Dyke, AIA (President/CEO) is a graduate of Kansas State University and has studied and practiced sustainable, environmentally sensitive design and construction since the late 1970’s. Kyle’s pioneering product & design work with Princeton Energy Group/Harrison Fraker Architects involved commercial and residential design/build projects that included many techniques now found embedded in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  This experience also included experimentation with principles now found in the resurgent Passive House design and construction standards as well as development of insulating solar shading systems for passive solar thermal control.

Kyle is an expert in the design and construction of all housing types and, in 1996, was the first architect to win an Equality, Dignity and Independence award from Easter Seals and the American Institute of Architects for the design of two prototype group homes for folks with special needs.  With insights learned in work with energy, the environment, disabilities and construction, he is now focused on design for people with all abilities using the principles of Supportive Architecture.

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Patricia Totaro

Patrica is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology earning her B Arch degree in 1989. Pat joined the firm as a Senior Associate in 2006 after several years of practicing architecture in the Princeton area. Her diverse experience includes private and supportive housing, higher education, health care, religious and corporate projects. Notable clients have included Habitat for Humanity, Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study, Rutgers University  and Merrill Lynch.

She has had the privilege of working with several notable architects that include Stanley Tigerman, FAIA, Michael Webb, Michael Landau, FAIA, John Clarke, FAIA, Fred Travisano, Michael Mostoller and Ronald Berlin. Her work with Mostoller/Travisano was included in the book New York Architects 2 published by Rizzoli.

As Vice President and Director of Production at KVD+, Pat takes a lead role in the design & coordination of projects for the firm’s clientele. Her close attention to detail, knowledge of design and field supervision has been an integral part of the firm’s success.  Her passion and experience has been vital to the formation and development of the principles of Supportive Architecture.

Dani Robertson

Dani holds a BS in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology.  She has a keen interest in how buildings are constructed and brings an expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to our team. 

Dani is a native from the Boston area and has worked with urban developers who have kindled her interest in the development side of architecture.  She has diverse experience in transportation, retail, mixed use, residential and historic projects in both profit and non-profit sectors.  Her passion is to bring fresh purpose and life to old buildings.

As a unabashed “urbanite”, Dani draws inspiration from exploring cities and enjoys the pleasures of being with friends; reading; yoga; food; biking; sketching; and, Oh yes, master beer brewing!

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Alexandra Struble

Alex holds a BFA in Environmental and Interior Design from Syracuse University. She spent a semester studying in London, and has assisted in the interior design of a Montessori school for impoverished children in Guatemala. She is a highly conceptual thinker, and her passion and talent are essential to our team belief that people are always precious and architecture can transform and transcend circumstance. She is an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

 As a committed designer and perpetual student Alex draws inspiration from travel and volunteer work. She considers this a catalyst for learning and understanding different cultures and human need. She enjoys painting; reading; yoga; fashion; and loving her family and friends.

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Robert Kuentzel

Rob holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Maryland, and is currently pursuing his Masters degree. His talent and passion lies in exploring and evaluating space, its effect on people, and the way in which the built environment affects the human soul. His studies and travels in England, Europe and Asia, as well as his work with Habitat for Humanity, have provided a unique and tactile interface with architecture and its fabrication.

As a self-proclaimed “Architecture Nerd,” he can often be found sketching, reading, pondering, or discussing architecture. He also enjoys skateboarding, cooking, eating, clothes, family, friends and travelling.